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Hinged vs Unhinged take out Containers: What to choose? 

The first decision you find yourself having is whether you shop for takeout containers that are either hinged or non-hinged. The decision you are making now might have several long-term effects related to the convenience, the ordering, the versatility and the appearance of the product. 

You, as a business owner might get used to always choosing the same product without even pause and ask yourself if it is your business’s best fit. 

Here comes your chance to learn about the difference between hinged and unhinged containers and how to make the decision which best fits your business’ needs. 

Have you ever thought about comparing Hinged and Unhinged containers? Well, I believe never! since you might have been used to directly pick up your items without even thinking. 

The main difference between hinged and unhinged containers is not that hard to notice. unhinged containers are two separated pieces of the same container in which the lid and the tray are separated. On the contrary, the lid and the tray for hinged containers are attached to one another. 

 At Carry, we provide both, hinged which in the industry are our famous Clamshells, and non-hinged containers which are both available under several colors, materials and shapes. 

Now you might be asking yourself: Which is the best fit for my business? 

While moving on to a decision you want to make, you will surely ask yourself about which type of container would be best for your restaurant in order to keep the demanded standard of customer satisfaction. Here you’ll get to know more about the benefits of both types! 

You might be asking yourself: What are the benefits of Hinged Containers? 

Hinged Containers are suitable: One important aspect of a hinged container is not having to deal with a lid while the customer wants to secure or remove the lid. When the lid is hinged, it simplifies its use between customers’ hands by its functioning while it flips down or up. 

Hinged Containers are easy to deal with: If stock items are to be kept in inventory, it is much simpler for you, as business owners, with hinged containers. Since the lid and the tray are all merged, one doesn’t have to worry about missing any of the item’s lid. 

Now, what are the benefits of unhinged containers? 

Unhinged Containers are versatile: While using unhinged containers, the lid will become optional, and the lid will hence have a multipurpose usage which is to either eat in or take the food out. In the long run, using unhinged lids might help saving on packaging costs since material will be kept as not all customers will be taking lids. 

Unhinged lids have a modern appearance: Hinged containers are mostly used in the industry that encourages take outs. Also, a two-piece container might be perceived to have a better appearance and a display that is most appealing to the eye. 

In summary, whether you, as a customer choose a hinged or an unhinged takeout container to fulfill your business with its needs, for hinged containers, our Clamshells are your best choice. As for unhinged containers, Carry’s bowls happen to be your best fit.