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Our Carry customizable packages allow you to brand your product without investing in an expensive mold and without using cheap stickers 

Four easy and simple steps to Carry your Brand  

  1. You send us your logo
  2. We print it on a special environmentally friendly thick cardboard paper 
  3. We send you the logos along with the shipment 
  4. You insert the logos in a specially allocated space on the lid so that can be clean, centered nicely, and easy to place.

Customizing your on-the-go food packaging makes a great first impression. 

With the convenience offered by digital food delivery platforms, many single owned restaurants are increasing their sales outside of their premise. 

Beside excellent food, giving a personal touch to their take-out packaging is the only way to enhance the food experience. 

Carry’s customizable products allow you to easily add your branding to a nicely designed set of packaging, increasing the chances for recurring orders. 

The program contains 3 sizes and two colors to easily fit in standard sized paper bags. 

All you have to do is make sure the quality of the label you upload is high enough to print. You know what they say, one look is all it takes 

Now, here are some tips for your logo 

  1. Avoid using grainy, pixelated images (low quality) 
  2. If you have a logo design, just ask your graphic designer to use the Carry template to create a high-resolution JPEG to upload. 
  3. Try not to upload a photo from a print, a screenshot or a photo from a screen (yes, people actually do this!), it’s not going to be pretty, just saying! 

Finally, carrying your brand with Carry customizable products is only four steps away!

  1. You customize

    Upload the artwork of your choice on the product page of the packaging you like to customize and complete the order.

  2. Free quality check

    Once you upload the artwork and place your order, we will review the artwork to verify the quality is printable. If it’s okay, we proceed with the order. 

  3. Improve the quality 

    If the quality is insufficient and we have to change or create a new one, there will be a $50.00 minimum graphic design fee. If this is the case, we’ll contact you first to explore the options.

  4. We print and Ship 

    When all is set, we proceed with the order. Once we’ve completed printing your label, we’ll place them inside the box and ship your order.