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Our BRIQ Collection is Right Around the Corner!

Our coming soon BRIQ collection is made out of four different sized food containers with three different colored lids.  

With the need for convenience as well as quality food experiences, lines between restaurants, supermarkets, hotel room service and delivery are blurring. Therefore, we designed a line of premium take out packaging that work in all places where the vision is to provide a quality look and feel.  

To ensure flexibility a wide range of modular sizes are available so anyone can puzzle together their ultimate outline suitable for their menu.  

Here at Carry we value environmentally conscious designs; this is why our BRIQ collection is made from FSC certified Wood Fiber. This collection comes in four container sizes: 17 oz, 22 oz, 25 oz and 34 oz to fit any food you have in mind.  These containers are also diverse for each size comes in two different colors: White and Kraft Brown.  

One lid fits all!

Our customers also have a wide range of lid material to choose from and one size that fits all bases! The BRIQ collection offers Kraft paper vented lids, transparent PP lids and r-PET lids for your preference and need.  Although we aim for zero plastics, we understand that for some applications, transparent lids and waterproof coatings are still the preferred option for food containers. As part of our environmental strategy, only Recycled PET is used for the production of lids. 

Our BRIQ food containers are both stackable and microwavable. You can package your favorite hot meal and after you microwave it you will sure get the same taste you are craving.  

All items neatly fit in standard take out bags so they can be delivered in one piece. 

We’re excited to launch our new collection very soon.

Until then make sure to check our compostable, customizable and recyclable products already in store. Also, don’t miss out on our launching offer, 25% discount on your first purchase.