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Meet Carry!

The innovative brand of smart and sustainable
on-the-go food packaging.

Our mission is to offer foodies and entrepreneurs a smartly designed and complete range of sustainable food delivery packaging.

Carry Packaging is born from a long experience in food packaging design and manufacturing. We found that developing more sustainable products made out of renewable material is the path towards our environmental objectives. While we are leading research and development of material and products with lower environmental impact, we continuously update our offering to include the best combination of design, functionality and environmental score. Our strategy follows the path of:

1.  Using less material to make our products

2.  Focusing on recycling and use of recycled resources

3.  Reducing the use of fossil based resources

4.  Using renewable compostable resources

Designed with the environment in mind 

We understand very well that developing new food packaging products should be done responsibly. This is why every new product we design is assessed from an environmental point of view, taking into consideration not only the material it is made of but most importantly its life-cycle and recycling options.

Responsible manufacturing & resource management.

Because how our products are manufactured has a direct impact on the environment, we are continuously upgrading our production processes and logistics. We are also closely connected to our suppliers through our extensive global network to ensure the same standards are met.

Local production and smart logistics.

As we serve customers around the globe, we aim to minimize our carbon footprint by continuously investing in local manufacturing facilities enabling us to produce closer to our customers. Our latest plant was opened in Ohio, US.


Bagasse is an increasingly popular and highly renewable source made with surplus natural material from sugarcane and sugar production. Sugarcane itself is a rapid-growing and highly renewable resource, and for every ten tons of sugarcane produced worldwide there are up to three tons of bagasse available to be recycled, using only heat and water in production.

Bagasse has long been used to make paper and construction materials. It is also employed in the production animal feeds and furfural, a clear colorless liquid used in the synthesis of chemical products such as nylons, solvents, and even medicines.

All of this makes Bagasse a great example of ‘upcycling’ that is fully biodegradable and compostable. It can be sorted with food waste or recycled with cardboard depending on local regulations.

Wheat Straw

As a sustainable waste product of wheat production, wheat straw is a malleable plant material derived from agricultural waste that can be easily molded into a diverse range of products. Moreover, Wheat Straw is an upcoming material that uses only heat and water in production, is toxin free, and can be commercially composted after use.
Wheat Straw offers a number of benefits for Food Service Products. It is sturdy and strong, able to retain its properties when frozen or microwaved.


Sometimes called the “giant grass”, bamboo has always been used in several applications, and food packaging is a natural addition.
Apart from its amazing and eco-friendly ability to renew itself rapidly, bamboo is a perfect material for cups.

Nature has a great alternative to plastic cutlery in the form of FSC-certified wood fibers and cellulose. These products involve no wax or lamination and they are recyclable, compostable and biodegradable. The FSC certificate assures the lasting protection of the forest and its birds and creatures.